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By Jasper Nordin

Minneapolis, MN – On Sunday, May 12, pro-Palestine students disrupted graduation ceremonies for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota. These disruptions were part of continued efforts to make the university administration meet its promises to the organizers of the Gaza solidarity encampments on campus.


By Loretta VanPelt

Activists turn in petitions to place community control of the police on the Minneapolis ballot. | Fight Back!News/Michelle Tong

Minneapolis, MN – On Wednesday May 1, Minneapolis 4 Community Control of the Police (M4CCP) held a press conference in the Public Safety Center, the temporary home to city hall offices, to turn in their petitions to put community control of the police on the November ballot.


By Reuben Navarrete

Crowd gathers holding the Mexican flag and signs with slogans like "Legalization for all".

Los Angeles, CA – On May 1, over 100 people gathered at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights to commemorate May Day, the International Workers Day. Across the world workers celebrate this day to highlight the contributions of the working class, regardless of their immigration status. It originated in Chicago, where in 1886, striking workers were attacked by police while fighting for the eight-hour workday, the right to unionize and safer working conditions. Eight of the organizers were convicted and four of them publicly executed by hanging.


By staff

Crowd holds signs saying "Victory to the Palestinian Resistance".

New York, NY – On Wednesday, May 1, thousands upon thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets to celebrate International Workers Day. This May Day, there was a shift in focus to include demands around Palestine and solidarity with the students at the six different Gaza Solidarity Encampments.


By Carson Cruse

Protesters in Baton Rouge gather with mock body bags in protest against reactionary republican agenda. | Fight Back! News/staff

Baton Rouge, LA – On April 22, over 50 students and community organizers rallied on the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol demanding an end to the GOP’s reactionary agenda. The protesters then took to the streets and marched to Governor Jeff Landry’s mansion for a rally. This action served to unite the people against the Republicans and bring the people to the march on the Republican National Convention this summer in Milwaukee.


By Kay Lerohl

 Earth Day march in Minneapolis. | Fight Back! News/staff

Minneapolis, MN – On Sunday, April 21, a march of approximately 300 people from the Twin Cities metro area marched, blocking traffic for Earth Day.

The Climate Justice Committee (CJC) and Anti-War Committee (AWC) led the march. It drew attendees from the nearby Little Earth indigenous-preference housing complex, the surrounding East Phillips neighborhood, and Camp Nenookaasi, an encampment of the unhoused which has been forced by the city of Minneapolis to move many times.


By Joe Iosbaker

Hatem Abudayyeh announcing plans to march for Palestine at the Democratic National Convention. | Fight Back! News/Alec Ozawa

Chicago, IL – The Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) met in Chicago the weekend of April 13. Speaker after speaker testified with fire in their eyes about the need to march against the genocide in Gaza. Along with the speeches, people got down to the tasks needed to bring tens of thousands to Chicago in August to protest the DNC.

The 450 in attendance were overwhelmingly youth. Many are brand new to protest movements, having been thrown into motion by the anti-war and Palestine solidarity movement.


On March 27, 2024, in a blatant violation of free speech, Meta removed the Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s national Facebook page and restricted the national FRSO Instagram account. Meta’s actions are a direct attempt to silence FRSO’s vocal support of the Palestinian cause in general and of Palestinian women in particular.


By staff

Chicago conference making plans to march on the DNC. | Fight Back! News/Alec Ozawa

Chicago, IL – More than 450 people representing 75 organizations gathered in Chicago, April 13, to plan a massive march at the Democratic National Convention, which will stand with Palestine and promote a people’s agenda.

Kobi Guillory of the National Alliance Against Racist and Pollical Repression told conference participants, “We will counterprotest the DNC starting on August 19 to demand an immediate end to the U.S.-backed Israeli genocide, and that no more of our tax dollars are used to fund the massacres of Palestinians.” Guillory also talked about the fight to get permits for a large-family friendly protest, but said that organizers were going to march to within sight and sound of the convention, permits or not.


By Freedom Road Socialist Organization - Wisconsin District

Fight Back! News/staff

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following April 3 statement from the Wisconsin District of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Palestine solidarity activists are celebrating the success of a protest vote campaign in the Wisconsin Presidential Primary. 48,000 people voted “uninstructed” in the April 2 primary, Wisconsin’s version of “uncommitted,” that has found success in several state primaries.