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By Josh Rudd

A line of people wearing lab coats hold signs with the names of medical professionals martyred in Gaza. One person holds a human-sized shroud wrapped in white cloth.

Dallas, TX – Approximately 150 people, mostly healthcare workers, gathered outside the Parkland Hospital in Dallas the evening of December 1 for a candlelight vigil in honor of healthcare workers who have been killed in the U.S.-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza.


By Solveig Swain

A large crowd holding pro-Palestinian signs and waving Palestinian flags marches behind a large banner that reads "Apartheid is not welcome in Colorado"

Denver, CO – Around 1:30 p.m., the Colorado Palestine Coalition began a protest to shut down day three of the Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) Global Conference for Israel. The protest began with a rally at the state capitol before leading a crowd of over 1000 to march to the Colorado Convention Center, where the JNF’s events are being held as they continue to fundraise for genocide of the Palestinian people. The people of Denver continue to fight against the occupation of Palestine and the JNF.

“To the cowards at the JNF, we have a few simple demands,” said Hatem Teirelbar of Students for a Democratic Society, “One: Release all Palestinian hostages. Two: Lift the siege on Gaza. Three: End all U.S. aid to so-called Israel. Four: End all trade and business with Israel. And five: An end to the cooperation between U.S. universities with Israel and weapons corporations.” As the crowd roared with applause after each demand, it became clear that activists will not stop fighting until Palestine is free.

The rally then continued with Nazek Sankari, a member of the U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) who flew in from Chicago, stating, “In Chicago, we have been mobilizing and targeting our so-called progressive Representative Jan Schakowsky – and one who has thousands of Palestinians in his district, Sean Casten – due to their silence on the genocide, unequivocal support for Israel and unrelenting attacks on Palestinians and their unified resistance, which is fighting to defend our people from the vicious, racist Israeli military that has destroyed Gaza,” Nazek stated to thunderous applause.

Nazek Sankari and other national speakers put on display how this struggle is one that stretches across the U.S., and internationally to Palestine. Without U.S. aid to Israel, the apartheid state would fall. It is essential to keep up actions within the U.S. to support the Palestinian resistance.

After the rally, the massive crowd flooded the streets of Denver with chants supporting Palestinian liberation and denouncing the Israeli occupation. Many onlookers cheered in support.

Upon arrival at the convention center, the event was met with a militarized police response; however, protesters would not be intimidated by this threat. Organizers continued the event with more chants and speeches without any interruption.

While the Colorado Palestine Coalition was not able to shut down the JNF conference, coalition leader Abdulluh Elagha did voice a different achievement that was won, the shut-down of Denver. The Colorado Convention Center was built to increase profits for local businesses, as conference-goers typically will spend their money around Denver. However, the Colorado Palestine Coalition made sure there would be no more business as usual. Since the start of the JNF’s conference, marches and blocked-off roads have made navigating Denver by car a nightmare, buses and light rails have been shut down, and the JNF attendees themselves were too ashamed to face protesters and spend their money in public, ordering catering instead.

With the profits of Denver businesses stymied by protests against the JNF, they will surely not want the JNF back in town. As a result, organizers across the U.S. now have an excellent blueprint for how to agitate against a JNF conference if the JNF attempts to come to their city.

After wrapping up speeches at the convention center, protesters rallied back to the capitol to conclude the protest.

Denver showed out this weekend in support of Palestine in the face of the JNF, but the fight continues until Palestine achieves national liberation. If the last two months of organizing are any indication, the people of Denver are more than up to the task of furthering the struggle until all their demands are met, and Palestine is free.

#DenverCO #COPalestineCo #JNF #USPCN #FreePalestine

By Solveig Swain

Acvitist with a Keffiyeh wrapped around their face speaks into a bullhorn as other protesters gather around.

Denver, CO – About 400 protesters gathered on the Auraria Campus, November 30, to march on the first day of the Jewish National Fund’s Global Conference for Israel.


By staff

Crowd gathers at intersection with signs and Palestinian flags.

Denver, CO – On November 28, Colorado residents protested Joe Biden’s visit to Denver. The protest condemned the president’s support of the Israeli government's genocide of Palestinians and demanded an end to U.S. aid to Israel.


By Sorcha Lona

Crowd gathers waving Palestinian flags in front of the Minnesota State Capitol building.

St. Paul, MN – On the evening of November 28, 500 protesters gathered in below freezing temperatures on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol. The protest, organized by the Free Palestine Coalition,  demanded that the State Board of Investment (SBI) divest over $1 billion currently invested in Israeli bonds, banks, weapons manufacturers and other entities that profit from Israeli apartheid.

In total, the SBI manages and invests over $128 billion of Minnesota taxpayer money. Board members include Governor Tim Walz, Attorney General Keith Ellison, State Auditor Julie Blaha and Secretary of State Steve Simon.

Held on the eve of the SBI meeting on November 29, which is also the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the protest was a continuation of a multi-year campaign spearheaded by groups, including the MN Anti-War Committee, to demand the SBI divest public pension funds from the system of apartheid and ethnic cleansing in occupied Palestine.

Despite the cold, a large crowd formed on the capitol steps to attend the rally. It was evidence of the passion and dedication the Palestinian cause has brought about during the decades of occupation.

Mariam El-Khatib, a member of American Muslims for Palestine, kicked off the rally, “America, it’s a fact. Israel would not be able to do what it’s doing without the U.S. We are funding the ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine. We are funding the killing of children. We are funding the killing of civilians. We are funding the bombing of hospitals. We are funding Israel’s war crimes and atrocities. So whether you like it or not, all of us are implicated – because we live in this country and pay tax dollars. So whether you like it or not we have to speak up!”

Skyler Dorr, a rank-and-file member of AFSCME 3800 at the University of Minnesota and an anti-Zionist Jew, stated, “I am a pissed off public employee, and I don’t want my retirement fund invested in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine! Shame on the State Board of Investment for implicating all of us in genocide, shame!”

As the last speaker on the program, Brian Chval from the MN Anti-War Committee rallied the crowd, “As the tax paying constituents of the state of Minnesota, I think we should have a say in how our money is invested. So I ask you, $283 million for weapons manufacturers that sell to Israel. Invest or divest? Nearly $50 million for Siemens, who provides electrical grid services to Israel and its settlements on stolen Palestinian land. Invest or divest? Almost $25 million in direct investments in Israel in the form of bonds, who has occupied and oppressed Palestinians for over 75 years. Invest or divest?”

Each time, the crowd erupted, “Divest!”

Other speakers included Julia Pearlstein-Levy from Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee, Palestinian activist Dr. Christine Harb, and Natasha Dockter of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59.

Protesters were encouraged to come back to the capitol the next day to attend the State Board of Investment meeting.

#StPaulMN #FreePalestine #UMN #SBI #Divest #BDS

By Wyatt Miller

Group of protesters wearing keffiyehs and holding Palestinian flags raise their hands to disrupt a meeting.

St. Paul, MN – On Wednesday, November 29, Palestine solidarity activists spoke at the Minnesota State Board of Investment (SBI)’s quarterly meeting, demanding divestment of state-managed pension funds and other public monies from Israeli weapons manufacturers, banks and bonds, and other entities complicit in Israel’s apartheid system in Palestine.


By Diana Terreros

Crowd wearing Palestinian flags, seated and standing, listen as a speaker talks up front.

Anaheim, CA – On Sunday, November 26, close to 200 people gathered at a vigil organized by the Palestinian American Women’s Association and co-sponsored by over 15 organizations to mourn the 20,000 Palestinians who have been martyred since October 7. In some cases, entire bloodlines have been wiped out and more than a million have been displaced from their homes.

Candles were lit and flowers were laid out to honor the martyrs whose names were displayed on a banner. Many spoke about the personal impact the occupation of Palestine and genocide being conducted by Israel has had on their families. One speaker was present during the Nakba of 1948.

Shaheen Nassar, a community organizer with the Council on American-Islamic Relations stated, “Unfortunately, I’ve lost family in almost every major bombing campaign of the Gaza strip, including more recently my eight-year-old relative who was killed in one of the bombing campaigns. And inshallah, we will vindicate all our martyrs with the dismantlement of the apartheid system.”

The role of the United States in the genocide of Palestinians was also highlighted throughout the vigil.

Ayah Shiadah, program manager at the Arab American Civic Council, declared that “the U.S.-made weapons of destruction used in this conflict must not continue to bring death and despair to the people of Gaza and Palestine. We must hold accountable those who have aided in this endless occupation and rampant genocide.”

A speaker from the Palestinian Youth Movement spoke about the millions that capitalists and politicians make by spilling Palestinian blood and asserted “we will continue to disrupt the flow of profit for those who get richer with every single weapon or technology they send to Israel. For every business deal they make with Israel.”

In the past week, protests and die-ins have taken place at malls and defense companies to demand an end to U.S. aid to Israel, including a protest that shut down a Lockheed Martin subsidiary in Minnesota and a protest held in Los Angeles at a Raytheon facility.

Palestinian youth ranging from eight to 12 years old also spoke at the vigil, reading poems and leading chants of “Free, free, free Palestine!” and “Not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes!”

Dr. Melina Abdullah, director of Black Lives Matter Grassroots and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, spoke about the long history of solidarity between Palestinians and Africans and African Americans, stating, “I am coming to you standing on the shoulders of my African ancestors who since 1948 have stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people. See, Black people have always understood that our struggle here, our struggle worldwide mirrors in so many ways the struggle of Palestinian people.”

David Pulido, co-founder of Community Service Organization Orange County, spoke about what the Palestinian resistance means for Chicanos and other oppressed nationalities. “For the people, Operation Al-Aqsa Flood means that it is right to struggle against your oppressor. It means that the only path to liberation is to recognize your enemy and struggle against him.”

Pulido ended his speech with a statement of solidarity: “The resistance of the Palestinian people inspires me and we in CSO OC stand in unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian liberation movement. While the particulars of our struggles as Chicanos and Palestinians are different, our main enemy is the same: U.S. imperialism.”

The mass demonstrations that have taken place across the country were highlighted throughout the vigil as a sign and a reason that the tide is turning against Israel. Kareem Youssef of the US Palestinian Community Network encouraged attendees to keep up the fight. “We must continue to organize and fight against Israel, the United States, and all who support genocide. We are on the right side of history. We are the ones teaching civility. We have defeated Israel these past 50 days and we must do whatever it takes again and again and again until one day Zionism is but a thing of the past and Palestinians have finally won their liberation from the river to the sea.”

#AnaheimCA #FreePalestine

By Jennifer Lin

San José, CA – On Black Friday, November 24, over a 1000 pro-Palestine protesters took over San Jose’s Westfield Valley Fair Mall, the largest shopping mall in Northern California, to disrupt business as usual on this massive consumer holiday.


By Carlos Montes

Los Lobos performs at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles. | Fight Back! News/staff

Los Angeles, CA – A full auditorium at East LA Garfield High School (GHS) greeted Los Lobos for their 50th anniversary concert celebration. The legendary East LA band gave a tremendous concert to the packed auditorium in the new auditorium. Band members include David Hidalgo on accordion and lead guitar, Cesar Rosas vocals and guitar, Louie Perez guitar and Conrado Terrazas on bass. Los Lobos are GHS alumni.


By staff

A white mansion is visible behind a crowd waving Palestinian flags and holding signs with slogans like "Jews for Palestinian Liberation" and "Honk 4 Ceasefire"

Saint Paul, MN – On November 19, the MN Anti-War Committee held a rally on the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue bridge over the Mississippi River that was attended by over 3000 Minnesotans. After an hour of holding signs and chanting on both sides of the bridge, the protest marched to Minnesota Governor Walz’ Eastcliff Mansion in Saint Paul to interrupt his Sunday football viewing and demand that he divest Minnesota from apartheid Israel.