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Where We Stand

This newspaper exists to build the people's struggle! We provide coverage and analysis of some of the key battles facing working and low-income people.

We are not “neutral” or “even-handed” in our coverage. We are opposed to exploitation, discrimination, and oppression. We hold that the rich class of people who run the economy and government of this country are unfit to rule. We support all movements that challenge their power and privilege.

The writers and staff of Fight Back! are activists and organizers – in the trade unions, low-income community, oppressed nationality movements, on the campuses, and in other people's movements. We welcome articles, letters, comments and criticisms. Some of us working to put out this paper are members of Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Articles represent the views of the people and organizations that author them.

For the time being, Fight Back! is being published five times a year.

You can write to us using our online form, or send us mail:

Fight Back! P.O. Box 582564 Minneapolis,MN 55458-2564 U.S.A.