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Immigrant Rights

By staff

LA protest demands an end to attacks on immigrants. | Fight Back! News staff

Los Angeles, CA – 30 people gathered at Mariachi Plaza in LA’s Boyle Heights neighborhood, September 15, to demand Texas Governor Greg Abbott comply with the federal judge-ordered removal of buoys at the Río Grande/Rio Bravo. Chanting “Abbott is a liar, remove the racist wire!” and “¿Qué es lo que queremos? ¡Legalización! ¿Cuando? ¡Ahora!” supporters and speakers gathered as part of the week of action called by the Legalization for All (L4A) Network in conjunction with activists in Eagle Pass, Texas, where the buoys were dumped into the river.


By Sol Márquez

Valeria Wheeler, the executive director of Mission: Border Hope.  | Eagle Pass Border Coalition

By Sol Márquez and Brad Sigal

Eagle Pass, TX – The Eagle Pass Border Coalition, located on the Rio Grande at the U.S.-México border, teamed up with local partners and with the Legalization for All (L4A) Network to kick off nationwide events with a press conference September 11, at Mission Border Hope in Eagle Pass.


By staff

Sept 10-16 Week of Action Remove the Buoys, Governor Abbot

Eagle Pass, TX – Since the creation of Operation Lone Star in 2021, various tactics have been used to further militarize the U.S./México border.


By Jacob Muldoon

Progressive organizations meet in Orlando, discuss plans to resist attacks from

Orlando, FL – On Saturday, August 19, a panel of progressive organizations organized by Las Semillas was held at the Orange County Public Library. The purpose of this panel was for progressive organizations to network, present the work they are doing in their communities, and have a discussion about pressing political issues. All of these activities contribute to the goal of building a united front against the DeSantis administration and the deterioration of material conditions, especially for the working class of Central Florida. “Florida’s on fire in more ways than one, so we’re glad to be in concert with anyone trying to put the pieces together,” stated the social media post promoting the event.


By Diego Gonzalez

Orlando rally against Governor Ron DeSantis’ dismissal of State Attorney Monique

Orlando, FL – On August 10, an emergency rally was held in Orlando to address Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent dismissal of State Attorney Monique Worrell.


By staff

Minneapolis protest defends immigrant rights

Minneapolis, MN – On the evening of August 10, 30 immigrant rights supporters gathered for a rally and noise demonstration at Lake Street and Chicago Avenue in south Minneapolis as a response to this summer’s many atrocities and attacks on immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, new anti-immigrant laws in states like Florida, and increased border militarization in general.


By Cassandra Swart

Dallas, TX protest opposes attacks on immigrant rights.

Dallas, TX – On July 29, around 15 immigrant rights protesters gathered at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Dallas Field Office to protest harsh conditions undocumented migrants are being put through on the border. The protest comes shortly after reports were made from a whistleblower in Border Patrol about extremely cruel policies towards undocumented migrants ordered by the office of the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, whose policy demands that migrants crossing the Rio Grande River into Texas be thrown back into the river, as well the construction of a barricade of buoys in the river that have razor wire on them, these buoys have resulted in the drowning or serious injury of many undocumented migrants, including children and a pregnant woman.


By Edmund Anglero

Orlando rally for immigrant and LGBTQ rights.

Orlando, FL – On Saturday, July 1, over 350 community members marched up and down Aloma Avenue against the Governor Ron DeSantis-backed anti-immigrant bill, SB 1718, as well as the governor’s continued attacks on Florida’s LGBTQ community. The sweeping bill, which went into effect that same day, prohibits funding for social services for undocumented immigrants, invalidates driver’s licenses issued to undocumented people by other states, makes it harder for undocumented workers to find jobs, and much more.


By Gemini Gnull

Solidarity action with the hunger strike at the Northwest Detention Center in Ta

Tacoma, WA – A small crowd gathered outside of the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) at 6 p.m. June 19 in solidarity with the detainees inside protesting inhumane conditions. The NWDC is a privately owned ICE detention center built on the Tacoma tide flats. The rally was called after a group of detainees launched a hunger strike early in the day.


By Aracely Barajas

Chicago protest against anti-immigrant attacks in Florida.

Chicago, IL – At the Little Village Arch on Chicago’s 26th Street, 25 people took to the streets, June 18, and made it known to our community that our action is needed, in response to Florida’s anti-immigrant legislation. People shared stories of previous movements, spoke their truth, stopped traffic, gave literature to those passing, and were supported by the 25th ward alderman.