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By Zhenya Polozova

Bev Tang, a member of the International League of People's Struggle, urges mass march on the DNC.

Chicago, IL – The Coalition to March on the DNC hosted a press conference at Chicago City Hall the morning of September 19, calling on the city to issue a previously-denied permit recognizing the right of working and oppressed people to march within sight and sound of the August 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.


By staff

_Urges other reproductive rights groups to participate in Chicago protest _

Organizers announce the formation of the Coalition to March on the DNC.

Milwaukee, WI – Grassroots organization Reproductive Justice Action – Milwaukee (RJAM) proudly endorsed the Coalition to March on the DNC in 2024 and joined several other groups in Chicago on April 18 for the press conference officially launching the effort. RJAM is now a coalition member of both the Coalition to March on the RNC in 2024 (in Milwaukee) and the Coalition to March on the DNC (in Chicago) the same summer, the first in July and the second in August.