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By Omari Hoover

Emergency protest in Minneapolis in response to the massacre in Rafah.  | Fight Back! News/Wyatt Miller

Minneapolis, MN – An estimated 300 Twin Cities residents came out in a downpour of rain to participate in the Free Palestine Coalition’s emergency rally to show solidarity with Rafah, May 27. The protest took place outside of U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office near downtown Minneapolis.

Protesters wore keffiyehs and pro-Palestine apparel, held signs favorable to Palestinian liberation, and bellowed chants like “From the olive to the sand, Palestine is our demand,” demonstrating their commitment and continued support of Palestinian liberation.


By Yossi Aharoni

Minnesotans push for divestment from Israel.  | Fight Back! News/Kim DeFranco

St Paul, MN – On May 21, the Minnesota State Board of Investments (SBI) held its second quarterly meeting of 2024. The meeting began with an extensive discussion on “ethical investments” related to green energy and combating the ongoing climate crisis. What was not brought up by board of investors was how much Minnesota annually invests in companies and shareholdings connected with the ongoing genocide in Palestine.


By Allison Gunderson

Interfaith die-in demands Minnesota divest from apartheid Israel. | Fight Back! News/staff

St. Paul, MN – On Saturday, March 23, the Twin Cities Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage, on a 22-mile walking journey, made a stop at the Minnesota governor’s residence. There, they joined a vigil organized by the Twin Cities-based Free Palestine Coalition for a rally and die-in in front of Governor Tim Walz’s home.


By Drake Myers

Minnesota Palestine solidarity protesters outside the 2024 DFL Humphrey-Mondale Dinner. | Fight Back! News/Sabry Wazwaz

Saint Paul, MN – On Friday, March 15 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, the Free Palestine Coalition led a protest of hundreds inside and outside of the Humphrey-Mondale Dinner, the largest annual Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (the name of the Democratic Party in Minnesota) fundraiser.


By Andrew Josefchak

Supporters of Palestine resolution at Columbia Heights, Minnesota city council meeting.  | Fight Back! News/Sima Shakhsari

Columbia Heights, MN – On Monday, February 26, the city council of Columbia Heights voted 4-1 to pass a resolution calling for an end to Israel's genocidal campaign in Gaza. The Columbia Heights community packed the room, as it did at a previous city council meeting to provide public comment and encourage the council to vote in favor of the resolution.


By staff

Palestine solidarity activists at Saint Paul city council meeting. | Fight Back! News/Kim DeFranco

St. Paul, MN – 200 people packed the Saint Paul city council meeting on February 7 to send a message to the city council that the residents of Saint Paul want them to take a stand against genocide.

Their signs stressed the importance of Saint Paul having a ceasefire resolution. The signs read, “Take a stand against genocide” and “Palestine is a local issue!” All of the signs also demanded, “Pass a ceasefire resolution now!”


By Andrew Josefchak

Protest demands  passage of pro-Palestine resolution in St. Paul, Minnesota. | Fight Back! News/Kim DeFranco

Saint Paul, MN – 300 demonstrators led by the Twin Cities’ Free Palestine Coalition gathered outside Saint Paul City Hall on Tuesday, February 2 to demand that Saint Paul adopt a city council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Palestine and an end to U.S. aid to Israel.

Minneapolis city council has already put forward a strong resolution condemning Israel’s genocidal crimes in Palestine, thanks to political pressure exerted by the Free Palestine Coalition’s street actions. The Minneapolis resolution is up again on Thursday, February 8 to overturn a veto by the mayor.


By Yossi Aharoni

Minneapolis protest demands end to siege on Gaza. | Fight Back! News/Lacey Woida

Minneapolis, MN – Amidst a frigid Saturday afternoon on January 20, over 750 Twin Cities pro-Palestine residents came out in the blistering cold to the Hennepin County Government Center to tell the Minneapolis City Council that their constituents demand they vote yes on a ceasefire resolution.

This week, on January 23 and 25, the Minneapolis City Council will be discussing and voting on a resolution that demands an immediate ceasefire of Israeli aggression against the civilians in Gaza.


By Sarah Martin

Christmas bannering in solidarity with Palestine. | Fight Back! News/Sarah Martin

Spring Lake Park, MN – December 19, 25 Palestine solidarity activists bannered over a busy highway at rush hour in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, near Spring Lake Park High School. The banners read, “The oldest Christians in the world are Palestinian. End Israeli apartheid. End Israeli occupation,” and “Equal rights for all! Say no to Israeli apartheid.”


By Meredith Aby

Protest outside Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips’ office to challenge his positions on Palestine. | Fight Back! News/Robyn Harbison

Minnetonka, MN – On December 6, over 80 people turned out in Minnetonka next to Interstate 394 to protest during rush hour. The Free Palestine Coalition organized the protest outside Representative Dean Phillips’ office, Minnesota Congressional representative for the 3rd District, to draw attention to his positions on Palestine.