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Venezuela: FRSO speaks at mass march against Trump’s blockade

By staff

Gabriella Killpack chants "No más Trump!" at Caracas rally

Caracas, Venezuela – August 31 marked the last day of the Meeting of International Workers in Solidarity with the Venezuelan People and Its Government. In the morning, hundreds of trade unionists assembled to hear closing remarks and review a final declaration. Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) joined with other delegations came from 25 countries, and all parts of Venezuela, and proudly shouted out their approval. The audience was lively and often broke out in chants.

Leaving the conference, delegations of trade unionists rushed out of the building and assembled in the street to join a mass march. Thousands from around Venezuela assembled in the streets, including workers, community activists and people’s militia members.

There were “No más Trump!” signs everywhere in the crowd. A band hyped up the crowd and people chanted, “Que viva Chávez! Que viva Maduro!” Speakers denounced Trump’s blockade of Venezuela, explained the harm the U.S. economic sanctions are causing to the people of Venezuela, and emphasized the need for international solidarity. The final speaker inspired the crowd and launched the march.

Tens of thousands marched in the street as far as the eye could see. Flags, banners of different organizations and signs were everywhere. The crowd waved signs supporting President Maduro, PSUV (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela) flags and Venezuelan flags.

The march ended at a big stage where the international trade union delegates joined with Venezuelan trade unionists, PSUV party leaders, and officials of Venezuela’s government ministries. In front of the stage, the massive crowd of stretched for many blocks. The stage was constructed next to the Ceiba De San Francisco – a tree where historic Venezuelan revolutionary Simon Bolivar was named “The Liberator.”

FRSO member Gabriela Killpack addressed the massive crowd, “I bring solidarity from the United States. The imperialists and Donald Trump do not speak for the working class in the United States! The U.S. empire lied to us. We’re here to see Venezuela for ourselves and we see happy, healthy and good people here. We fully support you! And fully support Maduro! We will bring back the truth to the United States.”

Then Killpack led tens of thousands of people chanting, “No más Trump!” Other international delegates spoke and bands played patriotic and revolutionary songs. The high energy event was one of many frequent rallies in support of continuing and deepening support for the Bolivarian Revolution and President Maduro.

Massive crowd at Caracas rally against Trump and U.S. intervention

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