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Minnesotans say “No coup! No war! Hands off Venezuela!”

By Meredith Aby

Protest against U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

Minneapolis, MN – 30 people held signs reading “Hands off Venezuela” and a big banner saying “No coup – no sanctions – no war – hands off Venezuela” on a bridge from Loring Park to the Walker Sculpture Garden over Interstate 94 in Minneapolis during rush hour, May 30. Ten lanes of traffic filled with rush hour traffic traveled underneath. The protesters heard hundreds of honks of agreement that the U.S. shouldn’t intervene in Venezuela.

Afterwards protesters gathered to hear from Tracy Molm, a member of the MN Anti-War Committee, to hear an update from Venezuela, “Today we were seen by thousands of people in Minneapolis, standing up to U.S. imperialist aims on Venezuela. Trump and Bolton continue to attempt to destabilize and force inhumane sanctions on Venezuela. My trip there last month showed me the strength of people standing together and fighting for a better world – as the Venezuelan people and government try to forge ahead in their aims towards a country that is focused on people’s needs like housing, food and education. While next door to Venezuela, the U.S. is destabilizing the Peace Process in Colombia. Ex-combatants who put down their arms to pursue a peaceful end to conflict are now being executed, and this is happening to further U.S. imperialist interests and control in the region. We need to continue to stand up and fight back against U.S. intervention, war and sanctions in Latin America! Continue to stand against the U.S. media narrative demonizing the Maduro government in Venezuela.”

The bannering was organized by the MN Anti-War Committee and endorsed by the MN Cuba Committee and Women Against Military Madness.

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