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By Frank Lynch

March Against Monsanto in San Diego, CA.

San Diego, CA – People assembled across the globe, May 20, to protest the corporate chemical behemoth Monsanto. These demonstrations are an annual event, facilitated by the organization March Against Monsanto, and organized at the grassroots level by concerned people. One such local protest was in sunny Temecula, California, known for its own booming small farming sector. People from San Diego and Riverside counties came together in 90-degree heat to show their discontent with the industrial agribusiness giant.


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Minneapolis, MN – Thousands of people joined the People’s Climate Solidarity March, April 29 in downtown Minneapolis. The protest was one of the many taking place across the U.S. to push back against Trump’s anti-environment agenda and to demand government action on climate change.

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By Ian Cox

Houston SDS protests Trump.

Houston, TX – On Jan. 19 students at the University of Houston (UH) held a walkout to show their disgust with the election of Donald Trump.


By Joe Iosbaker

Palestinians joined with Black Lives Matter activists in the march against Trump

Chicago, IL – After a day of protests and walkouts on the campuses of DePaul, Loyola and the University of Illinois at Chicago, 5000 people rallied and marched back and forth across Chicago’s Loop, Jan. 20, in opposition to the racist agenda of President Trump.


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Minneapolis, MN – On Jan. 20 students will be walking out of class at the University of Minnesota and Augsburg College to protest the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump as a part of the citywide Resist from Day One Coalition’s call to action. UMN Students will rally at 1 p.m. in the front plaza of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs before marching to meet up with the city-wide Resist from Day One Coalition Mega March (FFI:


By Zachary Schultz

Tallahassee, FL – Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at Florida State University (FSU) is calling for students to walk out of class at noon, Jan. 20, to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump. The students will rally on Landis Green, to be followed by a march to the Florida State Capitol Building.


By Fabian Van Onzin

Houston protest against Trump

Houston, TX – Hundreds of people, many who were students, came out to protest the election of Donald Trump, Nov. 10. They gathered in front of City Hall and began chanting, “Hey Trump, you liar, we're here to say you're fired,” followed by a few speeches. The sentiment of the crowd was one of rage and anger.


By Regina Joseph

Tallahassee protest against President elect Trump.

Tallahassee, FL -The night after the election, Nov. 9, 200 Florida State University (FSU) students, faculty and community members assembled on the steps of the Old Florida Capitol to protest against President-elect Donald Trump.


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100 injured at Cantapeta Creek

Water Protectors face police at Cantapeta Creek.

Canon Ball, ND – Resistance to the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline continues to grow. The Standing Rock Sioux, members of hundreds of tribes from around the country, as well as non-Natives have gathered to stop the pipeline.


By Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Oct. 29, 2016 statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).