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By Luis Gonzalez

Protest against Milwaukee ICE raids.

Milwaukee, WI – Voces de la Frontera, Youth Empowered in the Struggle and community members protested at the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services building in downtown here, May 29, to condemn the May 27 immigration raids. About 22 people were picked up and arrested at their homes and workplaces in the raids.


By staff

Lead banner in LA May Day march.

Los Angeles, CA – On the afternoon of May 1, a powerful May Day march, organized by the Southern California Immigration Coalition (SCIC), took place in the heart of downtown as many garment workers were leaving work. The highly spirited 1000-plus crowd was made up mainly of working class Latinos, union members from Roofers Union Local 36 and United Teachers L.A., street vendors, daily laborers, families and high school students. Also joining the march and helping to carry the lead banner were the women and men of the homeless shelter Projecto Pastoral in Boyle Heights.


By Masao Suzuki

Students rally for Antonio Lopez Guzman, an undocumented day laborer shot in bac

San José, CA – On May 1, more than 1000 people marched for immigrant rights through the Chicano, Mexicano and Asian neighborhoods of the east side of San José. Unions, church groups, immigrant rights organizations, students and Filipino community groups marched more than two and half miles to downtown San José, where the ending rally was held. Signs supporting immigration reform and calling for an end to deportations were mixed in the farmworker union flag, religious portraits. There were also demands for justice for an undocumented day laborer who was shot in the back and killed by police, and to allow the return of an undocumented mother who was deported.

BAYAN contingent at San Jose May 1 march.

#SanJoséCA #MayDay #immigrantRights #immigrationReform #NoMasDeportaciones

By staff

Left to right: Nativo Lopez, Hermandad Mexicana; Bennett Kayser, LAUSD  board me

Los Angeles, CA – On April 8, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board (LAUSD) passed a unanimous resolution calling on President Obama to use federal administrative action to suspend any further deportations. The resolution, introduced by LAUSD board member Bennett Kayser, is part of the growing Protect Our Families Campaign that has already gotten several resolutions passed by the city councils in Los Angeles, Carson, Santa Ana and Cudahy. Similar resolutions have also been approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the City Council of Berkeley and in Chicago, Illinois.


By Michael Graham

April 5 Asheville protest demands end to deportations.

Asheville, NC – Amidst the backdrop of continuing congressional inaction on immigration reform, over 100 community members gathered at Saint Lawrence Basilica and marched to the courthouse, demanding an end to deportations and full legalization for all families. The Asheville chapter of Coalición de Organizaciones Latino-Americanas (COLA) joined over 80 cities taking part in a National Day of Action to End Deportations on April 5, organized by the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON).


By brad

Dreamers hablan en la reunion el 14 de marzo apoyando las licencias para todos

Minneapolis, MN – Con la nueva sesión legislativa en marcha, la campaña para las licencias de conducir para todos se está reanimando en Minnesota. El movimiento por los derechos de los inmigrantes está movilizándose para presionar a la legislatura estatal y al gobernador Dayton para que aprueben una propuesta de ley que otorga igualdad básica a los inmigrantes en el asunto de las licencias de conducir.

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