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Los Angeles Unified School District Board backs call to stop deportations!

By staff

Left to right: Nativo Lopez, Hermandad Mexicana; Bennett Kayser, LAUSD  board me

Los Angeles, CA – On April 8, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board (LAUSD) passed a unanimous resolution calling on President Obama to use federal administrative action to suspend any further deportations. The resolution, introduced by LAUSD board member Bennett Kayser, is part of the growing Protect Our Families Campaign that has already gotten several resolutions passed by the city councils in Los Angeles, Carson, Santa Ana and Cudahy. Similar resolutions have also been approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the City Council of Berkeley and in Chicago, Illinois.

Board Member Bennett Kayser stated, “We have a broken immigration system that is harming families and children in this school district. On their behalf, I authored this motion calling on President Obama to immediately cease the deportations that are separating parents from their children.” LAUSD is the second largest public school district in the nation, with over 650,000 students. 70% are Latino of Mexican origin. Bennett Kayser is a strong advocate of public education and has fought against attempts by the privatization movement to take over LAUSD and attack the teachers union.

A key speaker in support of the school board resolution was Los Angeles City Council Member Gil Cedillo, who spearheaded the resolution.

The members of the Protect Our Families-Save the Children Campaign include Father Richard Estrada of Jovenes Inc., Angela Sanbrano of CARECEN, Armando Vázquez-Ramos of California-México Studies Center, and Nativo Lopez of Hermandad Mexicana. They urge the public to participate and be present at future presentations to protect migrant families.

Carlos Montes was present in the crowd to show solidarity and invite all to participate in the May 1 march and rally in Los Angeles, calling for Legalization for All and to Stop the Deportations. The march starts at 4:00 p.m. at Olympic and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.

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