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Venezuelan Communists build unity, remember 1917

By staff

On Oct. 28 and 29, the 7th National Meeting of Revolutionary Organizations was held in Caracas, an effort by Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist People’s Unity (UPRA) to build unity among the Bolivarian revolutionary organizations. The gathering happened in the context of ongoing efforts to deepen the Bolivarian Revolution inside the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), to deal with an increasingly violent reactionary opposition, as well as threats of imperialist violence from the Trump administration. Below is the political declaration released by the gathering:

The 7th National Meeting of Revolutionary Organizations was held with success, organized by Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist People’s Unity (UPRA) and with speakers from over 50 national and regional organizations, including delegates of the National Constituent Assembly and national representatives from the Revolutionary Party of Labor, the Gayones Movement, the Homeland For All Party, and the Communist Party of Venezuela.

During this 7th National Meeting, speakers from distinct popular sectors – workers, campesinos, commune workers, youth, women, and others – expressed a range of interpretations of the global and national reality, as well as gave proposals to advance the struggle of the people’s revolutionary movement in Venezuela.

Themes discussed included: the need for a proletarian party in the organization and conducting of a revolution; the need to achieve genuine sovereignty and economic independence; the unity of revolutionary forces to rescue the class struggle in our country; and the role of the working class in the process of organizing a revolution and seizing political power.

100 years of the Bolshevik Revolution served as a historic and practical framework to understand the revolutionary transformations needed to form a more advanced society, and from this an analysis of the situation in our country, the National Constituent Assembly, the national crisis and the role of the revolutionary party were lifted up by the speakers.

The homage to the Centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution was in the air of the participants, with the Bolshevik experience serving as a guiding light for proletarian revolutionaries in the process of building a society for the masses. Letters from Afar, The April Theses, On the National Question, Resolutions and Debates of the Congresses, What Is To Be Done? and The Catastrophe That Threatens Us and How to Fight It were referenced by those present throughout the meeting, to reaffirm our commitment to the experiences of Marxism-Leninism.

Going forward as a result of this meeting, a series of important commitments between those present were made, to continue strengthening this instrument of unity as a genuinely revolutionary formation, in defense of the interests of working people.

Also confirmed was the commitment to continue working towards unity, alliance, and agreement between the revolutionary left and other advanced forces on the national and international level, strengthening relations with the International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS), of which UPRA is a part, along with organizations like the Revolutionary People’s Front in Mexico, from whom we received greetings and congratulations for continuing this initiative.

The success of this new work of UPRA strengthens all working people, knowing that with the assistance of these organizations a unifying action is consolidated which, sooner rather than later, will bear fruits in the consolidation of joint action of the proletarian forces. We feel joyful to contribute to bringing organizations and leaders closer together, when at other points in the history of Venezuela’s revolutionary struggle distance has been opted for instead, and now doors are opened to a future of victories.

For the unity of the revolutionary people’s movement!

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