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UPS contract defeated!

By staff

Teamsters rank and file claim victory against concessions

Washington DC – The results are in. The UPS National Master Agreement, which covers approximately 250,000 workers across the country and is the largest private-sector union contract in the United States, has been rejected in a 45.74% to 54.26% vote.

After the details of the contract were released earlier this summer, rank-and-file UPS Teamsters from across the country waged an unprecedented campaign to vote no and reject the agreement. At UPS centers from the smallest town to the largest city, and effort began to prevent concessions and fight for living wages for part-timers.

“Teamsters across the country gave the full effort to reject concessions and prevailed,” said Gabriella Killpack, package car driver and steward from Local 222 in Salt Lake City. “Despite an all-out effort by both the National Negotiating Committee and UPS management, members saw through the propaganda and made their voices heard.”

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