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Salt Lake’s workers and immigrants to celebrate May Day, rally against Trump’s agenda

By staff

Salt Lake City, UT – On May 1, Salt Lake City’s Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) will host a rally for May Day, International Workers’ Day. It will bring together laborers, immigrants, oppressed nationalities and all those in Utah who want to fight back against Trump and the system that allows his hate to flourish. Organizer say “Not one more deportation!” and “End attacks on the working class!”

Attacks on the working class are seemingly endless, from health care ‘reform’ to wage cuts to so-called right to work laws. Trump only plans to make things worse with mass deportations and warmongering. Despite these assaults, workers from every industry and every workplace have the opportunity each year to come together on May Day and struggle against the forces that exploit them – and to celebrate those who have fought the good fight before.

All are welcome to attend, and are encouraged to bring signs, slogans, chants and songs. Those in attendance will hear from trade union leaders, immigrant rights activists, anti-war activists and members of the FRSO – and they’ll be able to meet and talk with organizers, as well as other people who want to get involved.

The rally will be held at 7 p.m. at the Wallace F. Bennett federal building in downtown Salt Lake City, 125 S. State Street. For more information, visit

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