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Minnesota: Video coverage of Organizing Conference for RNC anti-war protest

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – Video coverage is now available of the Feb. 9-10 Organizing Conference to prepare for RNC Sept. 1 anti-war protest in St Paul, MN. The planned demonstration will coincide with the Republican National Convention.

The historic conference brought together the main centers of the anti-war movement, including the Troops Out Now Coalition, International ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice. These are the coalitions that have organized the largest anti-war mobilizations over the past five years.

The Conference was organized by the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War.


Jess Sundin speaking for the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War. Sundin is a founding member of the Twin Cites based Anti-War Committee. She has participated in or coordinated solidarity trips to Iraq, El Salvador and Colombia.

Leslie Cagan- coordinator of United for Peace and Justice, an anti-war coalition with more than 1400 member groups.

Sara Flounders representing the Troops Out Now Coalition. She is also co-director of the International Action Center.

John Beacham representing International ANSWER, a coalition of hundreds of organizations with organizing centers in scores of cites and towns across the country.

Carlos Montes of Latinos Against War and veteran leader of the Chicano and immigrants right movements.

Phyllis Walker- President of AFSCME 3800

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