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Minnesotans brave a blizzard to challenge Klobuchar on Iran and Iraq

By staff

Minneapolis protest demands no war with Iran, U.S. out of Iraq.

Minneapolis, MN – 20 people picketed in front of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office during a blizzard, January 17, for her legitimizing Trump’s targeting of Iran and for her silence on the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

Autumn Lake of the Anti-War Committee spoke to the crowd, “Minnesota’s favorite hometown disappointment, Senator Amy Klobuchar, is somehow still on the campaign trail, seemingly for no other reason than to prove what many of us have known for years; that the Republicans and the Democrats will always unite to serve the interests of the powerful over the interests of the broad masses. She's managed to distinguish herself from more progressive candidates by embodying the status quo and supporting the Trump administration's most heinous acts. Amy Klobuchar’s work in the Senate has facilitated the Trump administration's recent attacks on Iraq and Iran, making the Minnesota senator complicit in the most recent iteration of the U.S.'s terror campaign in the Middle East.”

When asked why she was at the protest, Meredith Aby-Keirstead told Fight Back!, “We protested Klobuchar in a blizzard when she announced her presidential campaign and now we are here protesting her foreign policy about a year later in another blizzard. I’m here because as Minnesota’s senator and as a presidential candidate she has been a hawk, and it would take more than a blizzard to keep me from expressing my outrage. She shouldn’t be demanding congressional authorization for war. We need a voice to say no to war with Iran!”

The Anti-War Committee organized the protest with the support of the Council on American-Islamic Relations – Minnesota, Women Against Military Madness, and the Minnesota Peace Action Coalition.

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