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Event on FRSO program held in Orlando

By staff

Orlando, FL – On July 3, the Orlando District of Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) held a Political Program release discussion at a meeting attended by over 30 people representing other progressive forces in the area.

In an effort to build a unified progressive base in Orlando, FRSO Orlando members Jacob Muldoon, Edmund Anglero and Diego Gonzalez discussed the history of struggle in the United States, FRSO and their goal of building a new communist party, and the united front against monopoly capitalism.

“FRSO believes that only through a strategic alliance of the oppressed nations and working class, under proletarian leadership, can we lead the fight into socialism,” said Gonzalez. “The party is the spear of the working class and our history of struggle in America, pulling from and going to the oppressed and exploited under monopoly capitalism is our means forward.”

The progressive allies in Orlando offered spirited and principled discussion allowing FRSO to explain and consolidate their line and establish dialogue between the organizations. Questions over mass work and its application were discussed, along with many other topics.

A FRSO speaker closed out the meeting by plugging both the June 24 conference in Tampa to defend the Tampa 5 and the possibility of an upcoming UPS strike, as well as detailing their next steps in LGBTQ rights work in Orlando.

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