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Anti-war activists brave Michigan winter to say, “Trump! Hands off Venezuela!”

By Tom Burke

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Grand Rapids, Michigan – Cars honked and people shouted, “Get rid of Trump!” as anti-war protesters held signs on a busy street corner, Jan 25, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The protester’s signs read, “Trump! Hands off Venezuela!”

Mike DeRuiter said, “Our goal is to stop the U.S. from attacking or invading Venezuela. So we braved blowing snow and nine degree Fahrenheit cold to get our message out. We sang Solidarity Forever! and danced to stay warm.”

Activists talked with workers heading home for the weekend. They were mostly shocked to find out that President Trump was attempting to overthrow the democratically elected President Maduro of Venezuela. Many passers by said, “We need to get Trump out!” or “We should impeach Trump!”

The international solidarity activists gathered for a photo under the Union Soldier monument that is dedicated to ending slavery, and gaining liberty and justice for all.

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