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Afro-Venezuelan socialist youth leader’s message to the people of the U.S.

By staff

An Interview with Ender Sabalsa

Ender Sabalsa.

In January, Fight Back! reporters participated in the World Anti-Imperialist Gathering in Caracas, Venezuela. While there, they interviewed delegates from Venezuela and from several other countries. In this interview, Ender Sabalsa, a leader of the youth sector and the Afro-descendent sector of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), gives his message to the people of the United States. Ender Sabalsa: Revolutionary greetings to everyone reading this and to all the peoples of the world. My name is Ender Sabalsa. I’m a member of the youth sector of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). I’m also in the Afro-descendent sector and the social movements that are supporting the progressive governments here in Latin America and especially the elected government of our constitutional president Nicolas Maduro Moros.

I’d like to remind people in the U.S. that we are not against the people there, we are against the U.S. government – President Trump and the Trump administration – which has done so much damage in Latin America and in the world in general, which doesn’t recognize our governments’ policies, our self-determination, our international rights, and above all doesn’t recognize what great damage capitalism does to nature and to life on our planet.

I’d like to send a fraternal greeting to all the peoples of the world and especially the people of North America asking for you to support the liberation of the peoples of the world, to support democracy, to support social justice, to support a state based on laws. To all revolutionaries in the United States and in all fraternal countries, we ask you to support the government of our president, Nicolas Maduro Moros, and above all the Bolivarian revolution.

Fight Back!: Do young people and Afro-descendants play an important role in the Bolivarian revolution?

Sabalsa: Young people have a fundamental role in all revolutionary processes. Throughout history in all revolutionary processes, young people are one of the pillars because young people have that rejuvenating spirit, a desire to advance and build the future – of course young people together with people with more experience. And throughout the American continent, Afro-descendent people are also carrying out their revolution. Here we are waking up and we’re seeing that we are part of Africa. We no longer feel like immigrants that at some point in time, like a diaspora that was born because of the trade in Black people, this diaspora born of the slave system. Now we feel like we’re part of Africa and we’re profoundly tied to our roots both in Africa and in the indigenous peoples here.

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