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$13,000-plus kicks off FRSO fundraising drive

By mick

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Minneapolis, MN – More than $13,000 has been donated to the Freedom Road Socialist Origination (FRSO) Spring Fundraising drive as of March 31, and thousands more are expected in the upcoming week. Given the rapid growth of FRSO, funds are being raised for a national office and staff, with the aim of carrying out a big leap forward in our efforts to build a strong, revolutionary organization.

A number of members and supporters of FRSO are donating their $1400 stimulus checks.

Sarah Martin, a long time FRSO member and anti-war activist, is giving $1400. Martin stated, “I contributed to the FRSO funding drive for an office and staff because more and more people are seeing that capitalism no longer works, and that socialism is the way forward. We must have the capacity to take advantage of this moment and build a large and strong revolutionary party.”

Local FRSO groups are in the process of going out to members and supporters to make the Spring Fundraising drive a success.

To contribute to the fundraising drive, go to and hit the donate button.

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