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By Blair F. Bertaccini

New York, NY – On November 30, 2018, representatives of Mexico, Canada and the United States signed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) to replace the current NAFTA agreement governing trade between the three North American neighbors. Likes its predecessor, this “NAFTA 2.0,” as some refer to it, is not designed to help the workers in any of the three nations but rather to ease the flow of capital and help maximize profits of corporations.


By Fight Back! Editors

On, Sept. 30, Canada agreed to changes in NAFTA pushed by the Trump administration following an earlier agreement by Mexico. The New NAFTA still needs to be approved by the legislators of all three countries, and a vote is not expected in the U.S. Congress until early next year. Wall Street seemed satisfied with the agreement, with most U.S. stock market indices going up the next day.


By la Organización Socialista Camino de la Libertad

La propuesta del Presidente Bush sobre inmigración no busca solucionar los problemas verdaderos de los más de 10 millones de trabajadores indocumentados en este país. Es nada más una repetición de programas anteriores para ‘trabajadores temporales’ que deja a los inmigrantes en pobreza, sin ninguna garantía de seguridad, residencia y justicia.

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