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By Ryan Stitzel

Tim Hernández (back turned) listening to DPS board meeting from the sidewalk.

Denver, CO – On May 19, a Denver Public Schools Board of Education meeting was met with protest from students and community members who were outraged at the recent dismissal of beloved Chicano English teacher Tim Hernández.


By Michela

Conor Munro of SDS addresses the Student Senate.

Gainesville, FL — Students at the University of Florida successfully advanced their campaign of tuition equity for undocumented students. Leading student organizations joined together to pass a resolution through Student Government in favor of tuition equality.


By Masao Suzuki

San José, CA – Four years after the Great Recession of 2007-2009 officially ended, millions of working people are being left behind by the expansion of the economy. While the stock market and corporate profits reached new highs, there are still millions of fewer jobs than before the recession began, and the official unemployment rate is closer to its recession high than the low before the recession. Things are bad.


By David Hungerford

Irvington, NJ – The Coalition to Save Our Homes held Save Public Schools Night here on March 11. An outstanding panel spoke to a full room. There are many reasons why an organization dedicated to the struggle against predatory lending would give a program to oppose the destruction of public schools and their replacement by charter schools (private schools run with public school money).


By staff

Fight is over job security and defending public education

Striking teachers march in Chicago.

Chicago, IL – On Sept. 10, Chicago Teachers Union Local 1 went on strike after ten months at the bargaining table. They tried to use negotiations with the Chicago School Board to defend their jobs and the interests of their students. When the Chicago Public Schools refused to back away from their corporate agenda, CTU members had no choice but to strike.


By Carlos Montes

Students and parents holding signs to protest the privitization of public school

Los Angeles, CA – Garfield High School parents, students, teachers and community groups led a protest here, in predominately Chicano East Los Angeles, Aug. 21 to show their opposition to the LA Unified School District’s move to bid out over 50 new and existing schools. The angry Garfield High School parents and students oppose the plan to privatize their school and other schools.