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By Masao Suzuki

San Francisco protest demands end to Duterte regime.

San Francisco, CA – On July 22, more than 300 people packed the street in front of the Philippine consulate in San Francisco. Chants of “People power now!” and “No justice, no peace! Stop the killings in the Philippines!” rang out as protestors called for the ousting of Philippine President Duterte, who has killed thousands in his so-called ‘war on drugs.’ The occasion was the “Peoples’ SONA” on the occasion of the official State of the Nation Address given by the Philippine president each year.


By Michela

New York City protest against repression in Philippines.

New York, NY – On the evening of Dec. 10, approximately 70 activists gathered at the Philippine Consulate on 5th Avenue to protest the regime of President Duterte and to demand an end to its state-sanctioned mass killings.