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By Masao Suzuki

San José, CA – After the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, headquartered in the city of Santa Clara, just north of San José, the local news was full of interviews with technology entrepreneurs talking about the “importance to the community” to have all of the uninsured depositors get their money back. With the closing of Signature Bank in New York, which had large numbers of crypto-investment related depositors, over the weekend, federal regulators tried and failed to find buyers for the two banks. This made these two banks the biggest ever – with about $200 and $100 billion in deposits, respectively – to have to shut down.


By Dustin Ponder

Highlights the need for industry-wide organizing, unionizing FedEx workers

Jacksonville, FL – Despite ‘competing’ as the world's two largest parcel delivery and shipping companies, UPS and FedEx are owned by many of the same banks. According to NASDAQ's ownership summary of both companies, 12 of the top 20 owners of UPS and FedEx are the same banks, investment groups and financial institutions.


By staff

Supporters of Ceballos family at the concert and rally.

Minneapolis, MN – About 250 community members gathered in the front yard of the Ceballos home, July 29, for a concert and rally to show support for the Ceballos family. The family, with the help of community supporters, fended off an eviction attempt by 30 sheriff deputies sent by JPMorgan Chase July 24. They expect another eviction attempt at any time.