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green bay police department

By Aodhan Bowman

Press conference demands justice for Jonathon Tubby.

Green Bay, WI – The family of Jonathon Tubby, an Oneida Nation man killed by the Green Bay Police Department in October 2018, has vowed to continue fighting for justice even after a federal judge dismissed their wrongful death lawsuit against the city. Speaking at a May 23 press conference, on the Oneida Nation Indian Reservation, the Tubby family responded to Judge William Griesbach's decision with a renewed call for changes to the policing system in the United States.


By Christian Rafferty

Protesters in Green Bay WI block traffic during march in response to police vids

Green Bay, WI – On August 14, more than 30 community members gathered at Brown County Courthouse to protest the recent ‘public service’ videos put out by the Green Bay Police Department. The third video, titled “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” is particularly offensive. The videos are meant to portray change, while no actual change takes place, and a murderer, Officer Erik O’Brien, remains employed.