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Green Bay police videos prompt march for Black lives

By Christian Rafferty

Protesters in Green Bay WI block traffic during march in response to police vids

Green Bay, WI – On August 14, more than 30 community members gathered at Brown County Courthouse to protest the recent ‘public service’ videos put out by the Green Bay Police Department. The third video, titled “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” is particularly offensive. The videos are meant to portray change, while no actual change takes place, and a murderer, Officer Erik O’Brien, remains employed.

In fact, GBPD promoted O’Brien to sergeant after he murdered Jonathon Tubby, an Oneida man, on October 19, 2018. Police Chief Andrew Smith publicly defends O'Brien, while making comments that compare Jonathon Tubby’s murder to other police killings.

Outside the courthouse, protesters rallied at 4 p.m. They soon started marching down residential streets, blocking the busier intersections of Green Bay, chanting for justice for Jonathon Tubby.

At the third intersection that protesters blocked off, a motorist became agitated and began to slowly pull forward while screaming “white power” and other expletives. The police officer following the protest intervened and allowed the motorist through, running a red light. When asked why he allowed the motorist to break the law, the officer replied that “he should be the least of your worries.”

The protest continued until about 7:30 p.m. and another action is planned soon as a result of the widespread community support the protesters received.

The day after the march, on August 15, the Green Bay Police Department released a statement defending the videos. GBPD Lieutenant Chas Ramos did not do himself or his department any favors in the comments he gave to the media.

Summed up, Ramos said that if people don’t show their hands when commanded by the police, even in cases where the police have mistakenly identified a suspect “vaguely matching the description” or where people might “find [themselves] at the wrong place and the wrong time,” they should expect a violent or even lethal response from frightened officers. Ramos said that at the end of the day, the GBPD has the policies they have to “protect people.”

Jonathon Tubby’s family has a different take.

“So the GBPD wants to educate the community about their policies and procedures? Why aren’t they educating their own officers about their policies and procedures? Why aren’t they educating their officers to utilize training they received?” asked Sarah Wunderlich, Tubby’s aunt.

Wunderlich continued, “GBPD – stop trying to front and cover your asses now. You are just trying to put this propaganda out now because you know that killing Jonathon was wrong! GBPD – it’s time to be accountable and honest. Justice for Jonathon Tubby!”

Jonathon Tubby’s family is joining with the Coalition to March on the DNC on August 20 in Milwaukee to shine a national spotlight on his case. They hope to reopen the case against killer cop Erik O’Brien, to get him fired, arrested, indicted and convicted for murder. For anyone looking to contribute to the family to help cover the costs associated with their effort, please visit their GoFundMe at

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