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U.S. mercenaries captured in Venezuela

By Tom Burke

Chicago, IL – In a dramatic development on May 4, two U.S. mercenaries were captured among an invasion force on the coast of Venezuela. Luke Denman and Airan Berry, ex-U.S. soldiers from Texas, were captured by the Venezuelan Navy and can be seen in photos, face down with their hands behind their backs on the shoreline. This failed “Bay of Piglets” comes as the U.S. Navy continues to patrol aggressively along the coast of Venezuela.

As previously reported in Fight Back!, on May 3 Venezuelan military and police forces encountered a group of invaders, killing eight and capturing two. The invaders planned to initiate terror attacks, including assassinations of government officials. They thought they could gather forces as they moved towards Caracas. Instead, they were swiftly killed or captured. In the case of the U.S. mercenaries, local fisherman reported their boat to authorities, and they were captured swiftly.

President Nicolas Maduro, the target of the failed attack, showed the U.S. passports and Texas driver’s licenses of Denman and Berry on Venezuelan television. The two U.S. mercenaries also possessed Silvercorp Metals USA company badges shown by President Maduro. They are likely to face long prison terms and President Trump disavowed any connection to the U.S. government.

The owner of Silvercorp is Jordan Goudreau, a former U.S. Green Beret living in Florida. Goudreau claims ties to President Trump and his security team, having worked at campaign events. Until a few weeks ago, Goudreau was working inside Colombia with former Venezuelan Major General Cliver Alcala, who is now held in the U.S. and cooperating with U.S. intelligence.

On live television President Trump denied all U.S. ties to the foiled invasion. Trump also denied any connection to the failed coup attempt against President Maduro on April 30 last year. At that time, the U.S. gave safe haven in Virginia to one of its plotters, Christopher Figuera, former head of the SABIN or national intelligence service who turned traitor to his own country.

As of May 5, Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab had announced the arrest of 114 people suspected in the attempted attack, with 25,000 Venezuelan National Guard still on the hunt for 92 others. President Maduro is safe in the Presidential Palace knowing the people are on the watch for those who attempt to undermine the Bolivarian Revolution as it advances. Big gains in jobs, housing, education, health care and culture over 20 years are being consolidated as the U.S. continues its aggression.

Despite U.S. economic sanctions, terror attacks and sabotage of infrastructure, the Venezuelan people are focused on their health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Venezuela reports the lowest infection rate in all of Latin America, 361 cases, with ten deaths. This is due to a robust, multi-layered, and high functioning public health care system supported by both Venezuelan and Cuban doctors, nurses and medical personnel.

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