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U.S. and its allies responsible for refugee crisis

By Cassia Laham

Miami, FL – For the last several days, the news media has been ablaze with graphic photos conveying the desperate situation facing thousands of Arab refugees fleeing the Middle East for asylum in Europe. The international community has looked on in horror as images of dead children and broken families flood social media and news shows. The sadness and outrage from witnessing such death has caused a global outcry from the socially-conscious of the world, especially because, as the thousands of now-destitute refugees risk their lives and leave their entire worlds behind them, some of the the richest nations on the globe have locked their doors and secured their borders.

As refugees escape untold violence and chaos in countries like Iraq and Syria, they are being rejected, ignored, or actually pushed away from countries like Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, France and the U.S.

Yet, the biggest travesty of it all is that those countries refusing entry to thousands fleeing the Middle East are the very same countries that created the widespread violence, instability and chaos throughout the region that have caused so many to escape. It is those very same countries that created the impossible conditions that currently exist in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the region. It is vital that the people of the world looking on to the plight of these refugees recognize the culprits behind their suffering and unite on how to end it.

It is the policies and actions of the U.S., NATO and their Arab allies (Saudi Arabia, in particular) that have caused such destruction and such misery as to lead so many in the Middle East to flee. Thousands have been killed over recent years as a result of NATO airstrikes, and a combination of American weapons and Saudi funds that have been given to extremist thugs and organizations that have brutally murdered thousands.

The turmoil is all part of a regional plan, drafted by the U.S. and supported by its allies, which would have all opponents of Western imperialism and Israeli Zionism removed, destroyed or killed. The destabilization campaigns of the U.S. and its allies are what have led to the brutal violence, mass destruction and utter chaos in countries like Syria and Libya. Without NATO, led by the U.S. and its tools in the regions, the innocent people crossing the Mediterranean for Europe would still have their homes and their lives. Without the might of U.S. imperialism smashing down on the Middle East, there would be no refugee crisis today.

Those angered by the images that have been shown in the news must, too, be angered by the culpability of the U.S. in creating this wretched sight. And, upon recognition of these facts, we must call on the U.S. to take its bloody hands off of the Middle East. We must demand an end to U.S. funds and arms being sent to thugs in the region to use against innocent civilians. We must oppose the relations between and the actions of the U.S., NATO, Saudi Arabia and Israel. And on the streets of every city where there are good people filled with grief and anger for those who have died fleeing their homelands, let there be organizing and protest against U.S. imperialism. For only when that most terrible monster is destroyed can the people of the Middle East begin to live their lives in peace.

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