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Teamsters International VPs tell Taylor, Hoffa to stop UPS contract ratification

By staff

Washington DC – Teamster International Vice Presidents representing the Central and Southern regions have joined Sean O’Brien in pressuring Denis Taylor and the Hoffa administration to stop the ratification of the UPS contract. The vice presidents include Avral Thompson, Robert Kopystynsky, Tony Jones and Bill Frisky of the Central region and Kim Schultz and John Palmer of the Southern region.

In their open letters the vice presidents raised numerous issues including: the one-sided interpretation of Article XII, the historical precedent of the 2013 contract vote, UPS’s initial willingness to engage in further negotiations, lack of communication with the Central and Southern region VPs and the duty of Teamsters leadership to serve the rank and file.

In all of their letters, the vice presidents also demanded the UPS contract not be ratified, and that an emergency General Executive Board meeting be held. Article IX, Section 5 requires Hoffa to hold a General Executive Board meeting if over half of the board requests one.

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