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Teamsters across the country petition for O’Brien-Zuckerman

By staff

Utah Teamsters petition for the O’Brien-Zuckerman leadership slate accreditation

Tampa, FL – Rank-and-file Teamsters all across the country have been petitioning for the O’Brien-Zuckerman leadership slate accreditation for the upcoming 2021 Teamster election. The slate, out of the Teamsters United coalition, is led by Sean O’Brien for general president and Fred Zuckerman for general secretary-treasurer. Teamsters United is a large coalition within the Teamsters union fighting for better contracts, a stronger union, and for worker power against the boss.

Current General President James P. Hoffa has been in the office for over 20 years and will be stepping down in 2021. Hoffa’s time as president has been marked by concessions and givebacks to companies like UPS, YRC, and ABF. Most notably, Hoffa forced through the 2018 UPS Teamster contract despite a historic majority “No” vote. Hoffa has already shown support for another leadership slate, Vairma-Herrera.

In 2016 Teamsters United’s slate received the majority of votes in the United States but was narrowly defeated after the Canadian Teamsters’ votes were counted. After Hoffa’s lack of action during the COVID-19 pandemic and continued concessions and givebacks, the Teamster United reform slate is in a strong position to win.

“Throughout this petition drive, I have consistently seen and heard how fed up many Teamsters are by the current leadership, particularly because of the union contract. I joined the O’Brien Zuckerman petition drive to fight for a better union and stronger contract, for current and future Teamsters,” said Lindsey Hamann, a UPS package car driver in Teamsters Local 344. “Coming from a grassroots movement, led by rank-and-file workers and Teamsters United leaders, this is a fight we are going to win.”

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