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Teamsters 705 gives UPS 30-day notice

By staff

Chicago, IL – The Teamsters Local 705 negotiating committee informed UPS, October 31, that the contract extension covering over 10,000 UPS workers will be over in 30 days. Both sides will likely continue to meet before that date.

While signing multiple agreements on issues including stronger contract language on production harassment, technology, and supervisors working, the company and union remain far apart on other issues, including but not limited to part-time wages, a new classification of driver that would receive less pay and benefits, and retiree health care and pensions.

It's likely that Teamster 705 members will be taking a strike vote in the days ahead in order to grant the bargaining committee the leverage of a strike should it be necessary.

“We are ready to draw the line in the sand regarding how we get treated and how much we get paid,” commented Ben Cline, a 12-year 705 Teamster. “Authorizing a strike means giving the bargaining committee the leverage they need to get what we deserve, so vote ‘yes’.”

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