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Tampa students stand against U.S. intervention

By Gage Lacharite

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Tampa, FL – Over a dozen students at the University of South Florida (USF) gathered outside of Russell M. Cooper Hall on campus, March 30, to condemn recent interventions by the U.S. in Venezuela, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. The students made speeches and chanted, attracting other students to listen.

James Kramer of Tampa Students for a Democratic Society explained, “Cloaked in the rhetoric of ‘human rights, democracy and freedom,’ the U.S. ruling class supports invasion and the installation of dictators into countries where they have no influence, but vast interests. These intervention efforts by the U.S. cannot be recognized as anything other than criminal.”

“When the U.S. and the rich of Latin America unite to overthrow progressive governments and worker and student organizations in these countries, poverty and disaster are the effects! We must remember that this is another example of the clear determination that the U.S. has to rule over other countries,” said Marisol Marquez of Raíces en Tampa, an immigrant rights group.

George Nassar of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression said, “It's important that we're gathered here today. Were we not here, these criminal threats would go unchecked. If we don't do this, no one will stop the U.S. bombings, sanctions and coups that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in the last decade.”

Tampa Students for a Democratic Society stands against U.S. intervention of any sort. SDS pledges to continue to fight for the repeal of the University of South Florida memorandums of understanding with USCENTCOM and USSOUTHCOM military commands.

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