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Tampa protests to ‘Dump Trump!’

By Jessica Schwartz

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Tampa, FL – Over 200 people gathered here, Nov. 10, at the Sam Gibbons Courthouse in downtown Tampa to protest the President-elect Donald Trump. The action was organized by Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

Tampa Bay SDS member Tori Stratis led the crowd with chants, such as “No Trump, No KKK, No racist USA!”, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” and “Dump Trump!”

Ellysa Treviño, a student researcher from San Antonio, upon hearing the protest, joined the crowd from a medical convention nearby. “I’m really disappointed that an election campaign that seemed to be a joke, was actually successful,” she said.

Heather Henry of the Tampa Anti-War Committee (TAWC) spoke about Trump’s proposed foreign and domestic policies, saying “Not only is Trump going to send more money to Israel, he is going to put more money towards the growth of our military and our police forces, furthering our militarized presence at home and abroad, and leading to more violence against this country’s own people among others.”

Danya Zituni of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization stated, “We need to channel this momentum into organizing, so we can defend our communities and build sustainable movements independent of the political establishment that provided both Trump and Hillary as viable candidates.”

After speeches at the courthouse, the crowd marched through downtown to Curtis Hixon Park, ending the night with speeches from the crowd and chants.

Along with Tampa Bay SDS, the protest was co-sponsored with Tampa Anti-War Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and Planned Parenthood Generation Action. Tampa will continue to fight back against Trump’s racist, sexist, anti-refugee and anti-immigrant agenda.

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