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Talking socialism In Houston, TX

By Fabian Van Onzin

Freedom Road Socialist Organization forum in Houston, TX.

Houston, TX – The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) held a forum in Houston, March 5, to inform the community about socialism and why we need a socialist revolution. The event was held at Solidarity Houston, a community library and meeting space for activists. Over 60 students, professors and activists from a variety of different movements attended the event.

The main topics covered were the history of the FRSO, the class struggle under capitalism; the ways that imperialism creates war; national oppression and national liberation; and the need for a socialist revolution as the solution to the major problems of our time. There was a lively discussion afterwards and much interest in the FRSO.

Many of the people who attended the event were interested in socialism because of Bernie Sanders’ popularization of the term. While the FRSO member highlighted some of the positive elements of Sanders politics (i.e. healthcare reform, free education, etc.), he emphasized that only a socialist revolution where the working class takes state power can bring about real change in this country and guarantee an end to capitalism.

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