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Standing with Leslie Parks in the fight against foreclosures and evictions

By staff

Leslie Parks speaks out against eviction at her home

Minneapolis, MN – Over 50 people gathered at the home of Leslie Parks, Nov. 13, to declare solidarity for Leslie Parks and her mother as they fight foreclosure and eviction.

Ms. Parks has made it clear that she will not be put on the streets when the 'redemption period' ends on Nov. 30. “IndyMac Federal Bank needs to come to the table and give my family justice. I have no intention of walking away from the place I call home,” she said before the event.

The campaign to save the Parks home was organized by the Minnesota Coalition for a People's Bailout and the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign.

Parks explained to the crowd that her mother, Tecora Parks, owns the duplex where Leslie lives. After city-ordered upgrades, Tecora Parks was swindled into getting an ARM [adjustable rate mortgage] by an employee of Allied Mortgage. The man who sold her the ARM lied and insisted it was a conventional loan. It is important to note that Tecora Parks had perfect credit and qualified for a conventional loan hands down. But she was lied to, got swindled into an ARM, lost her good credit and went into foreclosure. Leslie Parks points out, “He got more of a commission by selling an ARM.”

Mick Kelly, of the Minnesota Coalition for a People's Bailout, spoke to the crowd: “The economic crisis that has gripped the U.S. has cast millions into poverty and foreclosed many out of their homes. It has also created heroes – like Leslie Parks, who has said 'Enough is enough!' Now is the time. Foreclosures will end here!”

Leslie Parks and the groups organizing the fight back encouraged attendees to be ready for more and more escalating actions, both up to Nov. 30 and beyond.

One of Leslie Parks' neighbors steps up to support her

Speak out at Leslie Parks' house against eviction, Nov 13, 2009

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