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SDS disrupts U of MN regents meeting in push for Campus Civilian Police Accountability Council

By Nuala Cacek

U of MN SDS disrupts Board of Regents meeting.

Minneapolis, MN – On October 8, about a dozen members of the University of Minnesota Students for a Democratic Society disrupted a meeting of the UMN Board of Regents to demand the implementation of a Campus Civilian Police Accountability Council (Campus CPAC).

“Students at the University of Minnesota deserve agency in regard to our so-called public safety,” said main speaker, Emma Hjelle, who also called for “a CPAC as a means to disarm, demilitarize and defund the University of Minnesota Police Department.”

As the protesters exited the meeting after Hjelle’s speech, they demanded a Campus CPAC by chanting “What do we want? Community control! When do we want it? Now!”

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