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Protesters say “Dump Trump” at Republican debates

By Jared Hamil

Chicanos and Mexicanos fight racist GOP agenda

Protest at Republican debates

Simi Valley, CA – While Republican candidates debated at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Sept. 16, enthusiastic protesters took to the streets chanting “Dump Trump!” This was the second of the Republican primary debates. Among the many topics of the debate was immigration. Many Republicans are calling for not only the deportations of the 12 million undocumented in the U.S. but also their citizen children. Donald Trump has been leading the right-wing attacks on immigrants, calling for a border wall, while the other candidates are taking up his proposals. Republican candidate Ben Carson said that after deporting immigrants he would allow them in on “a guest worker program primarily in agriculture.” Trump is still leading and gathering support among the right wing. If elected, there will be more attacks on immigrants, more deportations and more militarization at the border – including the widespread use of military drones.

Over 100 protesters gathered at the entrance to the Reagan Library. Protesters came from all over the area. Many had traveled over 50 miles from Boyle Heights and Camarillo. A delegation of Centro CSO (Community Service Organization) made the journey to denounce Trump and his racist attacks. The majority of protesters were Chicano and Mexicano immigrants.

Longtime activist Carlos Montes said, “The Chicano community came out to denounce Trump and the Republican racist agenda.” They waved Mexican and Aztlan flags and held signs and banners reading “Dump Trump,” “Legalization for all,” and “Who's the illegal, pilgrim?” Protesters chanted, “Dump Trump,” and “We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us!”

Speakers from Mecha, Centro CSO, the Brown Berets and the Raza Unida Party addressed the crowd. Across the street, a few counter-protesters showed up, and a few people shouted obscenities from cars.

Anastacio Sarabia, a Roosevelt High School student who travelled from Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles said, “I hate that the Republicans are being stereotypical about Mexican immigrants that we are criminals and rapists. I also can't believe that Donald Trump wants to deport 1 million immigrants a month. The protest had a good turnout. We got a lot of support from our people – we also outnumbered Donald Trump's people. Our message was Donald Trump should stop the deportations and all racist comments he gives the people about us immigrants.”

Sol Marquez, who organizes for Legalization for All, says “We need to understand that Donald Trump isn't necessarily anti-immigrant. His wives and parents are immigrants. Trump is strictly against Mexicans and Chicanos – for what we represent in U.S. history and for the mere fact that we are growing stronger and louder in voicing our demand for not only legalization, but for full equality.”

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