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Protesters gather for early morning prayer and bannering outside Senator Klobuchar’s office

By Sorcha Lona

 Early morning Minneapolis protest demands Senator Klobuchar oppose genocide in Palestine.  | Fight Back! News/Meredith Aby

Minneapolis, MN – At 6:30 a.m., November 30, nearly 100 protestors assembled outside of Minnesota U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office to demand she stop enabling genocide. The crowd demanded that Senator Klobuchar call for a ceasefire, and push for an end to the siege of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine.

Protesters gathered for Fajr prayer, followed by chanting and rallying in front of the senator’s office. The crowd then moved a block east to the nearby bridge over Interstate 35W to banner in view of morning rush hour traffic. Chanting and bannering continued on the bridge for over an hour.

In her closing remarks, Sana Wazwaz from American Muslims for Palestine expressed her anger towards Senator Klobuchar, “Shame on her for only calling for a pause, there is no pause in genocide.” She declared, “We will protest at 4 a.m., we will protest at 3 a.m., we will protest at 1 a.m. We will be here day and night to show Minnesota, to show Senator Klobuchar, to show President Biden that we will take no breaks. There will be no pause for us. The people of Gaza have not had sleep in weeks.”

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