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Progressives clash with Trump supporters at MN state capitol

By Kim DeFranco

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St. Paul, MN – Pro-Trump supporters came to the MN state capitol, March 4, for their “March 4 Trump” rally, while protesters showed up to oppose the Trump regime and to shut down the rally. The counter protest was organized by the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at the University of Minnesota. They were joined by other citywide groups and Twin Cities residents to unite against the Trump rally under the slogan “Make Racists Afraid Again.”

According to the SDS press release, there “is no room for Trump's racism, sexism and xenophobia in the state. The Twin Cities stands together against hate.”

At the beginning rally, the anti-Trump protesters made their way to the second floor of the capitol and unfurled a banner reading “Ya’ll racist”. Minutes later the banner was the focus of a tug of war.

Enraged Trump supporters lunged into the crowd of protesters, shoving, kicking and throwing punches. Pro-Trump people had no regard for who they targeted. In a particular instance, while a white pro-Trump male had a protester in a tightly gripped chokehold, others jumped on some counter protesters. The counter-protester was let go of that hold when the pro-Trump was maced.

The counter-Trump protesters distracted people from the main pro-Trump rally with their loud and lively chanting, marching throughout the capitol and around the rally.

Pro-Trump people’s chants included “He’s your president,” was met with the returned chant of “Fuck white supremacy.”

Counter-Trump protesters marched around the main rally, which also caused many pro-Trumpers to always be on alert and fearing where they would be going next.

A Pro-Trump person holding a sign stating “Veterans before refugees,” and yelling this at the counter protesters was met with chants “You created refugees.”

The Saint Paul anti-Trump protesters were following the example of progressive activists in Chicago – when thousands of students mobilized at UIC on March 11, 2016, to disrupt a Trump rally, they successfully shut it down.

Here in Saint Paul, the March 4 Trump was effectively drowned out by the anti-Trump protesters who directly confronted the extreme right-wing elements who have been emboldened by Trump's presidency. Across the country, March 4 Trump rallies were confronted by many counter-Trump demonstrations.

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