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President plans to expand travel ban to more countries

By Meredith Aby

Minneapolis, MN – The Wall Street Journal reported this week that President Trump wants to expand his travel ban to Nigeria, Sudan, Belarus, Myanmar, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan and Eritrea. January 27 will be the third anniversary of Trump’s first executive order, which was his first attempt at a Muslim ban. AP, BuzzFeed, CNN and other media outlets have previously reported that the White House could announce a dramatic expansion of the ban on or around that date.

The MN Anti-War Committee organized multiple protests, including one of 15,000 people in downtown Minneapolis in January 2017, to protest the Trump’s Muslim ban.

The MN Anti-War Committee has initiated a call-in day for January 27 and are asking their supporters to call their members of Congress to tell them to take action to stop the president from targeting more immigrant communities

The MN Anti-War Committee also announced they will call an emergency response protest if the president expands the travel ban. The protest will take place at the Federal Building at 4th Avenue and 4th Street in downtown Minneapolis at 5 p.m. within 24 hours of the announcement. Supporters can go to AntiwarMN on Facebook or Twitter or to for details for up-to-date information about our emergency response protest.

Wyatt Miller, an organizer with the Anti-War Committee explained the importance of this potential ban to Fight Back!, “Regardless which countries make the final list, the underlying message of Trump’s expanded travel ban will be the same: no independent or non-aligned nation in the world is safe from U.S. pressure. Travel bans are a form of coercive sanctions and Trump has shown he’s willing to exploit racism and xenophobia to build support for them. As an issue at the intersection of immigrant rights, anti-imperialism and anti-racism, all progressive people in the U.S. have a duty to oppose this.”

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