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Minnesota: Prayer and candlelight vigil buids solidarity with Rosemary Williams anti-eviction struggle

By staff

Minneapolis, MN – On the evening of August 10, 2009, a prayer and candlelight vigil was held in the front yard of Rosemary Williams home. Williams and supporters' round-the-clock sit-in continued into its fourth day. The prayer vigil expressed support from various Twin Cities religious communities for Rosemary Williams struggle against eviction and the broader struggle to end foreclosures and evictions.

The vigil showed the growing support for Rosemary Williams in the face of her eviction last Friday after months of struggle. Within an hour of her eviction, community members and activists reclaimed her house. Williams and supporters have occupied the house since then, under threat of arrest, demanding that GMAC open negotiations with Williams so she can stay in her home.

The following talks by Rosemary Williams, and by Mick Kelly of the Minnesota Coalition for a People's Bailout were two of the contributions to Monday evening's prayer and candlelight vigil.

Rosemary Williams, August 10, 2009

Mick Kelly, MN Coalition for a People's Bailout, August 10, 2009

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