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Orlando International Workers Day march

By Edmund Anglero

May Day march in Apopka, Florida.  | Fight Back! News/staff

Apopka, FL – On Wednesday, May 1, more than 150 immigrant workers, community members and youth rallied at Kit Land Nelson Park in Apopka for International Workers Day, commonly known as May Day. The central demands of the protest included immigration reform, heat protection for workers, and drivers licenses for all. The event was organized by the Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF).

Chants of “¡Aquí, allá, el pueblo vencerá!” and “¡Si se puede!” echoed through the evening streets of Apopka.

After speeches given by representatives of Farmworker Association of Florida, HOPE CommUnity Center, Central Florida Jobs with Justice, and the Hispanic Federation, the crowd in attendance gathered behind a large banner and commenced the march to Apopka City Hall.

“Neither party has been willing to create the labor and immigration reforms needed for a more just work environment for all, so I’m proud to be marching here in solidarity with farmworkers because it is only through collective action that we will force those in power to give in to our demands,” remarked Cassia Laham, an organizer with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

The Farmworker Association of Florida reaffirmed its dedication to uplift and support immigrant voices across the state of Florida against attacks from Governor Ron DeSantis and other reactionary politicians.

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