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Orlando, FL UAW strikers continue the struggle for better conditions

By staff

Workers picket outside Stellantis parts distribution on Boggy Creek Road in Orlando. | Fight Back! News/staff

Orlando, FL – On October 7, more than a dozen striking member of the United Auto Workers were picketing the Stellantis Parts Distribution Center in Orlando. The day's picketing marked the third week the Orlando workers had been on strike, and nearly a month since the UAW strikes began this September.

Teams of workers gathered in shifts holding signs reading, “UAW on strike!”, sharing water and food with each other, and dancing to keep spirits high. One autoworker, Quinette Baker, made the groups demands clear, stating “We want our raises! We want COLA back; we want our pensions. We also want them to hire our temps.”

The UAW won a major victory this past Friday by securing unionization agreements for several electric vehicle battery plants, and the union announced they have planned not to expand the strike to new plants. However, the infectious energy outside the Stellantis Plant in Orlando clearly shows that the strength and resolution of the workers is not waning anytime soon.

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