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New Yorkers celebrate International Women’s Day

By staff

International Women's Day celebration in NYC. | Fight Back! News/staff

New York, NY – On Sunday, March 10 a group of New Yorkers gathered in Project Reach in Chinatown to celebrate International Women’s Day. The event was called by the NYC district of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

The event was a presentation and talk that would cover the history of the revolutionary holiday discussing Palestine organizing nationally and in the South.

Michela Martinazzi kicked off the event by introducing the organization and explaining why FRSO stands with Palestinian women, stating, “As an organization, we’ve been standing by Palestine, but more importantly the Palestinian resistance, since our founding. We think it’s important that we make our call stronger than a simple pause on the occupation. We must stand with the resistance until Palestine is free.”

Martinazzi continued by giving a timeline of the holiday. She said, “International Women’s Day has always been rooted in the struggle for the rights of women. To honor this holiday, we honor the revolutionary spirit of those who came before us and build the future for those who will come after us.”

The main portion of the event was hearing from Sara Mahmoud, who was speaking from Jacksonville, Florida. Mahmoud spoke deftly of her experience organizing in the South defending victims of police crimes and for a free Palestine. During the Q and A portion, a guest asked how not to feel demoralized when facing repression and she answered with, “Join an organization. Knowing that I have an organization behind me who will fight tooth and nail if I face any repression keeps me going. We saw it with the Jax 5 and the Tampa 5. There is safety in numbers.”

The event ended in high spirits with Martinazzi calling for folks to continue marching for Palestine.

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