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New Denver anti-war organization launched with powerful Palestine march

By Solveig Swain

Denver protest slams U.S. backing of the occupation of Palestine. | Fight Back! News/staff

Denver, CO – On January 6, the Denver Anti-War Action (DAWA) was joined by organizers with the Colorado Palestine Coalition (CPC) to host a march and rally that drew around 400 attendees to the streets of Denver.

This was quite the first action for a new organization. The DAWA appears to be set to continue their fight for Palestinian liberation and an end to U.S. aid to Israel in their home state of Colorado.

The January 6 protest highlighted the ongoing participation of Colorado’s politicians in funding the genocide of Palestinians with tax dollars.

The event began with a series of chants and speakers from various organizations who spoke of the connection between U.S. investments in the Middle East capital and the genocide, victories by the Palestinian resistance, and the guilt of Coloradan politicians.

After the initial block of speakers, the protesters took to the streets. They marched down 15th Street, through 16th Street Mall, and back up to the Capitol building on 17th Street. They passed through 16th Street Mall chanting, “While you’re shopping bombs are dropping! While you’re eating kids are bleeding!” Some onlookers cheered in support, some joined in, and some appeared angered by the march.

Upon return their return to the Capitol after the brief, yet powerful, march, the action concluded with two final speakers and a prayer.

The DAWA had been participating in actions with the Colorado Palestine Coalition for the National Week of Action called for by the US Palestinian Community Network, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, and Students for a Democratic Society.

One of the notable actions was a rally at Governor Jared Polis’ office, which was forcibly stopped by police who threatened to arrest and trespass the activists. Despite shutting down the protest and the capitol building as well, it appears that protesters are just getting started.

Tyler Hartley of the DAWA stated in his speech, “Unfortunately for Jared Polis and our other elected officials, we won’t be silent when a genocide is being done with bombs made here on the front range!”

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