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Minnesota: Anti-war movement urges Rep. Omar to unsign AIPAC’s Iran sanctions letter

By staff

Anti-war movement urges Rep. Omar to unsign AIPAC’s Iran sanctions letter

Minneapolis, MN – The Twin Cities Anti-War Committee sent a letter to Minnesota’s Representative Ilhan Omar, May 6, urging her to withdraw her support for a letter that furthers AIPAC’s lobbying efforts to continue sanctions against Iran.

The letter states, “We strongly urge you to unsign AIPAC's statement and to stand with Representatives Betty McCullom, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and the few others brave enough to reject AIPAC’s roadmap to an increase in sanctions against Iran.”

“In the face of the world superpowers’ saber-rattling, we should defend Iran’s desire to protect itself and its people against the horrors and calamities inflicted on Iraq, Libya and dozens of other countries invaded in the name of ‘human rights’. The AIPAC letter claims that Iran is responsible for destabilizing the region, but the U.S. government has been the one invading countries, propping up dictators, and flooding the region with weapons. We emphatically detest the notion contained in the AIPAC letter that Iran is responsible for destabilization in the Middle East,” the Anti-War Committee’s letter declares.

The letter concludes, “We have rallied in your defense multiple times when you were threatened by right-wing opposition (including AIPAC), and when you were denied access to Palestine. In your re-election race, we anticipate being asked by our supporters what your positions are on foreign policy. Prior to this, we thought we understood your positions and were generally supportive of them, but now we are concerned that you might be willing to sacrifice your politics in order to be perceived as more ‘moderate’ on the campaign trail and more acceptable to Zionist voters. We request an online/virtual meeting to discuss your foreign policy positions within a month of receiving this letter.”

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