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Make a resolution to build Fight Back! in 2020

By mick

Mick Kelly

Minneapolis, MN – As we see a rising tide of struggle in this country and across the globe, the newspaper Fight Back! is expanding its reach and capacity. Each day, 365 times a year, we provide cutting edge coverage and analyses of the people’s struggle against exploitation and oppression, with the perspective of ending capitalism and replacing it with socialism – a system where political power is in the hands of the working class.

Be it in the fight of striking copper miners in Arizona, protests against Trump, the conference to refound the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, or in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela during the attempted U.S.-backed coup, Fight Back! reporters have been there so you can get firsthand accounts of what is going on.

In this upcoming year, Fight Back! will be upping its game and you can help. First, we need more reporters – and if you are a part of the people’s struggle you can become a revolutionary journalist. Write an article, take some photos, and send them to us. The editors will help you get it in shape for publication.

Second, the print edition of our newspaper needs money. Costs for printing and shipping are going up and so is the number of papers we are getting out. In Minneapolis and Chicago supporters of Fight Back! host fundraising events that raise thousands of dollars. Supporters in other cities can follow these good examples of advanced experience by doing the same. And anyone who is so moved can write a check and send it to us. We need it.

Finally, everyone can do their part in helping to distribute the newspaper. In addition to the print addition, which is geared to workplaces and the community, articles from the website ( can be printed out and given to coworkers, placed on union bulletin boards, or distributed at demonstrations. Our web edition had over a half million views this past year. Everyone who supports this paper can help grow that number by sharing the articles on social media.

Trump is a political representative of a moribund, failed capitalism. His administration is all about promoting an ugly, reactionary agenda that embodies the cruelty of a dying system. While we are building our respective fights where we work or in our communities, Fight Back! has a role to play in offering clarity and a vision of a better world. We need change – revolutionary change that overthrows the billionaires and puts the economic and political power into the hands of the working class and its allies.

Build the newspaper that builds the people’s struggle!

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