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Legalization for All street corner rally in Tampa

By staff

Tampa rally demands legalization for all undocumented immigrants

Tampa, FL – On Nov. 6, Raices en Tampa rallied on a busy street corner in solidarity with the immigrant families being held, without due process, in a Texas detention center. The Legalization for All Network called for a national day of action demanding the U.S. government release the children, end family detention and halt deportations.

“It’s important to stand in solidarity with the families that are being unjustly detained in Texas,” said Oscar Hernandez with Raices en Tampa.

Twenty activists rallied with signs and a banner reading “Legalization for all.” Michela Martinazzi, with Raices en Tampa, led chants, “Not one more!” and “Liberation, not deportation!”

Elizabeth Kramer of Students for a Democratic Society explained, “Many immigrants come to the U.S. as a result of military intervention in Central America and abroad. Yet this same country – that trains death squads, upholds dictatorships and controls the economies of these countries from which these immigrants leave – wishes to expel or detain the people that run from U.S.-backed terror.”

Kramer continued, “Because of this, Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society stands with those displaced by U.S. military intervention, and subsequently, against the deportation and detention of immigrants in the U.S.”

The protest continued as cars honked their horns and friendly drivers waved at the activists. The rally ended in high spirits, just before the Florida rain started falling.

Raices en Tampa will continue to organize to support Legalization for All, and, specifically to get driver’s licenses for all in Florida.

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