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Keep Rosemary Williams in Her Home!

By staff

Demand that GMAC Come to the Table!

Minneapolis, MN – Rosemary Williams, a 55 year resident of Central Neighborhood, who has stood at the forefront of the fight against foreclosures, was evicted from her home on Friday August 7th.

One hour later, her home was reopened and an around-the-clock sit-in is now taking place.

There is a foreclosure crisis in the U.S.  While GMAC is busy foreclosing and evicting people from their homes, the CEO of GMAC raked in over $11 million for his role as the CEO in 2008.

Rosemary Williams, her neighbors and friends, are taking a stand for justice in our communities.

Call GMAC and tell them to come to the table and negotiate a fair and equitable solution that keeps Rosemary in her home.

Call the headquarters of GMAC and demand to speak to the CEO, Alvaro de Molina at 215-734-8899

Please join us in this vital campaign!

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