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Hundreds in LA demand “No war with Iran”

By Gabriel Quiroz

LA protest against attacks on Iran and Palestine.  | Fight Back! News/Gabriel Quiroz

Los Angeles, CA – In response to the U.S. threatening war with Iran and other Arab countries that launched retaliatory air attacks against Israel, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Los Angeles on April 15. Organized by local Palestinian groups including U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN), the protest’s goal was to demonstrate solidarity with Palestine and Iran as well as demand the end of genocide in Gaza by shutting down LA’s Financial District.

Protesters waved signs reading “No war with Iran!” and “Viva viva Palestina!” as they chanted “Israel bombs, USA pays!” The overall message of the protest was very clear: No business as usual while Israel commits a genocide in Palestine with funding from the United States.

The action held up hundreds of cars in traffic. Stores in the Financial District of downtown LA were closed for the day. Spirited protesters entered multiple shopping centers including FIGat7th and The Bloc. Businesses shut their doors as protesters chanted, “While you’re shopping bombs are dropping!”

The emcee of the protest called attention to Keller Williams Realty Inc., which has an office at The Bloc. After stating, “Keller Williams profits off of genocide! They sell stolen Palestinian land and sell it for a profit,” the crowd erupted into jeers of “Shame!” Protesters chanted, “Keller Williams you can’t hide! You profit off of genocide!”

Luis Sifuentes from Freedom Road Socialist Organization said at the protest, “If we support Palestine, we must also support the axis of resistance. We must dispel the Western myth that Iran and Palestine are aggressors. They have every right to defend themselves from Israel and the U.S.”

The protest answered a national call for demonstrations across the United States, including the shutting down of freeways in Oakland and huge demonstrations in Chicago. The speakers stressed that millions have taken to the streets to support Palestinians and for people within the U.S. to not give up but to instead pick up their level of activity.

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